Precious S. Brown
Book to Business Cultivator



Your Book is Your Business

Are you ready to be a profitable Author, but you are struggling to make it happen?

You may have been told that you must sale your book continuously or get vendor tables at various events just to get your message to the masses. That’s not the full truth. 

Truth is, you can use the manuscript you have to build an entire business, if you convert it properly. As your Book to Business™ Cultivator I thrive on teaching you how to turn your book into a business to increase your impact, influence and INCOME! 

Market Your Manuscript

Did you pour your heart and soul into your memoir and now you’re wondering what you should do with it next?

Use your experiences to change the lives of others by bringing your transformational process to life! 

Each of your experiences have the ability to give someone hope, insight and strength to move forward and I want to show you how to do it. 

As your Book to Business Cultivator™, I take the guesswork out of the process by helping you convert your manuscript so you can easily market it to your ideal audience and turn your intellectual property into profits.