Are You Ready to MASTER Your Facebook LIVES?

Gone are the days of being scared to hit the LIVE BUTTON! 

Bottom line.. your audience wants more of you. The posts are great, the quotes are motivating, and the pictures are cute… 

But ENOUGH ALREADY! It is time to get visible …. And to do that on Facebook you MUST GO LIVE! 

Here’s the truth… Facebook’s algorithm absolutely LOVES LIVE Video over any other content. Your video will be seen 10x more than your regular posts will ever be seen. Going LIVE is the easiest way to gain visibility for your business. For instance, the LIVES above allowed me to potentially be seen by 873 people (some may be repeat viewers) who my or may not have heard of me before and I had the the opportunity to engage with them through 429 comments. How cool is that?

Going LIVE is essential to building your tribe. I chose to Go LIVE consistently for two (2) months and was able to organically build a tribe of over 300 “pre-qualified” prospects in less than 6 months. Currently I have over 65% engagement regularly as shown below:


So take a minute and ask yourself… 

  • Are you building a business online using Facebook?
  • Have you been fighting the FEAR of going LIVE on Facebook?
  • Are you frustrated with all the things to remember while being LIVE?
  • Have you gone LIVE but get little to no engagement during or after the broadcast?

Well, I am here to help you conquer the FEAR, hit the LIVE button with ease and increase engagement!

Why? Because I was once in your shoes and now that I am a “loving LIVE expert”  I vowed to never let another Facebook biz builder go down that same road I was once on.

Which road is that? The one of lost time and clients because of refusing to GO LIVE!

How will I help you? Besides showing up on your LIVE’s, (LOL – just kidding)… I have created a super easy to follow Facebook LIVE checklist just for you! It gives you the HOW TO’s for going LIVE.

I share the pre-, during, and post-video necessities all on this one check list. You will be a PRO before you know it.

No more excuses. You know your content and you have an audience waiting for you! So, jump into your next level and CONFIDENTLY kick FEAR to the curb and hit the LIVE button so you can fast track building your tribe, gain visibility and position yourself as the expert of your niche.

Thank you for joining us!

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