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My simple 5 step process to creating a marketing plan so that you finally earn what you deserve from your book

About Precious S. Brown

While many jump out of Corporate America into full-time entrepreneurship for selfish reasons, when Precious Brown left, it wasn’t about her at all. It was about building a legacy for her children’s children, and helping others climb new heights in their journey to dream fulfillment and greatness. The fact that she benefits from helping others rise, and that her ultimate success is strategically tied to the success of others, makes her a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace. Unlike many business coaches who build and strategize from the sidelines, her clients not only walk away with a clear understanding of their next business move, who their target market is, and how to make money–but they also gain a heightened sense of confidence in their abilities.

Realizing that the definition of success can vary based on the interpreter of the dream and vision, Precious has made a lifetime commitment to helping authors monetize on their message and convert those messages into profitable coaching programs. On a strategic mission to alleviate generational poverty, her state-of-the-art program yields a rinse-and-repeat proven system that produces other products and services for her clients and consumers alike—which gives a much needed jolt to the overall state of the economy.

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