IMPACT: Keys to Amplifying Your Author Journey

IMPACT is a collection of life experiences shared by seven ambitious women with one commonality… We are Authors! All of us began our writing journey with one goal in mind – to make an IMPACT in the lives of those divinely connected to us and this book is yet another attempt to fulfill that mission.

Whether you have struggled with building your confidence, overcoming grief, getting a divorce, or finding the courage to use your voice through the power of the pen; the experiences shared will give you hope, empower you to persevere in your process, and help you build your muscle of resilience in life and business.

So, whether you need some inspiration, motivation, or a good laugh there is something here for you. After digesting the tips we share, we pray you give yourself the grace to grow so you too can IMPACT those divinely connected to you.

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Book to Business: How to Successfully Convert & Market Your Manuscript


“So, I wrote the book, Now What?

That’s the number one question I am asked by Authors who feel stuck, frustrated and protless. Truth is, not only do most Authors forgo the proper planning, launching and marketing process; they fail to plan for the long term vision of their book. Therefore, they sell a few books to family and friends then hit a brick wall.

This workbook is designed for seasoned Authors, who are searching for ways to make more money using the manuscript they have in their hands AND to negate all the above mentioned circumstances. Using it as a guide, you will create the step-by-step process and strategy you need to make your manuscript even more monetizable. In the end you will have a rinse and repeat machine ready for your to create additional products and services for your ideal client. All you have to do is

Transition Duo: Life and Business

Transition: Create the life you desire is a collaborative book of 16 women who decided to take the leap into Entrepreneurship.

Against the norms in their respective societies, each of them decided to believe in themselves,  and risk it all to create the life they truly desired. 

If you need a motivational boost this is the book for you. 

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Transition: Ashes Emaunating Beauty is a collaboration of compact yet powerful memoirs by women who chose to advance against the odds, in relationships and personal healing.

Breaking their silence around tough issues such as interracial marriage, celibacy, emotional breakdown, and more; they courageously bare their souls and unleash the power within. Boldly sharing the secrets of their hearts with one mission iin mond… 

To enhance the transition experiences for others reaching for self-fulfillment. 

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Beyond the Bruise Duo: Rising to Greatness

Unlock your C.A.P.P. is a Workbook compiled to help you unlock your internal confidence, and true authentic self while tapping into your God-given potential and purpose.

This workbook is designed with thought provoking questions, drills, and self-reflection to help you thrive in life and relationships. 

If you have ever questions about what you are called to do on this earth this workbook is for you. 


It may seem impossible to move forward after facing trials and tribulations in your life but, that is only an illusion. The I RISE: Living Beyond the Bruises Anthology was written by women who worked diligently to overcome insecurities, shame, identity crises, uncertainties, and more.

As you turn the pages of this book, you will gain hope and encouragement to overcome the obstacles you face.

By choosing to show up in greatness, against all the odds, the brilliant and resilient co-authors of this collaboration have not only overcome their life obstacles but shifted the trajectory of their lives.

Each of them decided to Live Beyond the Bruises and RISE…

Are you ready to do the same?

The Process of Change Trio

The Process of Change is a series of interactive workbooks that were developed to assist individuals in implementing positive life changes.

The first volume is A LOOK AT ME. As the foundation of the series, it starts the process of uprooting old negative attitudes and behaviors while simultaneously planting positive seeds.



The Process of Change is a series of interactive workbooks that were developed to assist individuals in implementing positive life changes.

The second volume: Love Yourself – is the center stone of the series. This guide provides step-by-step techniques to begin self-love without feeling you are being selfish. 

Using the techniques described, allows positive awareness, correction, and the validation needed to openly love yourself!

The Process of Change is an interactive workbook series created to assist individuals with positive life changes.

Moving Forward is the cornerstone of the series. Its focus is on implementing the forgiveness process in daily life while simultaneously releasing the past hurts and transgressions. Life is meant to be lived and you can only do that by MOVING FORWARD!