Virtual Event

This workshop is for Authors who are struggling with getting thier message out to the masses. 

Authors who are ready to be heard and seen so they attract the RIGHT people…

Authors who are ready to create options for themselves AND their audience…

You desire a proven process to reach your goal to impact more lives…

If you are saying “THAT’S ME!” 


This is an intimate, hands-on event so we only have 50 seats available!



“So, I wrote the book, Now What?

That’s the number one question I am asked by Authors who feel stuck, frustrated and protless. Truth is, not only do most Authors forgo the proper planning, launching and marketing process; they fail to plan for the long term vision of their book. Therefore, they sell a few books to family and friends then hit a brick wall.

This workbook is designed for seasoned Authors, who are searching for ways to make more money using the manuscript they have in their hands AND to negate all the above mentioned circumstances. Using it as a guide, you will create the step-by-step process and strategy you need to make your manuscript even more monetizable. In the end you will have a rinse and repeat machine ready for your to create additional products and services for your ideal client. All you have to do is

DIY Author Series

Are you ready to become the Authorpreneur who creates options for their life and business?

Grab this DIY series for the help you need to not ONLY write and self publish the book but also convert it into additional streams of income! But wait, the cherry on top is the 25 business tips you need to help you be successful in the shift from Author to Authorpreneur Extraordinaire! 

Be sure to get a copy for an Author Friend! 

Journal & Notebook Set

Whether you are taking a quick note or sitting with your thoughts journaling… we have you covered. Grab this journal and notebook set for all your writing needs… ONLY $20!